Star Trek Online Wiki

Star Trek Online's C-Store allows players to claim their additional unlocked or purchased content in-game. The menu is accessed in game by clicking on the "More" drop-down option and then selecting the "Visit the C-Store" option. The C-Store consists of two seperate tabs, and simply selecting an item and buying it will unlock it for that character (or account, depending on the item in question. If the item can only be claimed once on a character, it will be grayed out after being claimed.


The first tab of the C-Store displays purchasable content that can be obtained by any player at the cost of Cryptic Points. The currently available options are:

  • Playable Federation Klingon (240 CP) - unlocks for entire account
  • Playable Federation Ferengi (80 CP) - unlocks for entire account

Special Unlocks

The second tab of the C-Store houses the special unlocks available for a particular character, such as pre-order bonuses and special titles. Items in this tab have already been unlocked for the account, normally by associating a key with your account. Pre-order bonuses (with the exception of Uniforms and Playable Races) must be claimed here before they will appear in a character's inventory or be useable in-game. Special in-game titles (such as Ambassador, Special Envoy and Utopia Planitia Staff) are likewise claimed here.