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Commodities are materials gathered in sample form.

Use: Crafting, Reputation and Fleet systems.

Acquisition: They can be found on drops during combat and can also be bought from vendors in sector space and on Suliban Cell ships and Tuffli freighers; as well as purchasable via the exchange.

Commodity Value Best Price Place Best Price(ec) Where needed
Antigens 240
Astrometrics Probes 240
Communications Array 200 Andoria 120
Entertainment Provisions 640
Industrial Energy Cell 240
Industrial Replicators 480
Medical Supplies 100 Vulcan 60
Provisions 100 Andoria 60
Seismic Stabilizers 800
Self Sealing Stem Bolts 640
Shield-Generators.png Shield Generators 100 Sol 60 Delta Volanis Cluster, Arucanis Arm, Hromi Cluster
Terraforming Systems 960
Warp Coils 640
Water Purification Systems 240
Weather Controls Systems 360

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