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A photo of Federation Cruisers.


Cruisers are generally the largest ships in Starfleet. Their size grants them access to advanced warp cores, which allows them to distribute a large amount of power across their subsystems; a large crew complement, which improves a ship’s repair rate, engineering bay, boarding party effectiveness, and so on; and a large inventory, which makes them great for long distance missions.

Cruisers have a large warp core and crew complement. Their abundant resources allow them to adapt well to most situations and get damaged systems back online quickly. Cruisers can also support other ships with their massive power supply and crew.

Out of combat, these ships' massive cargo holds and crew make them invaluable when it comes to transporting cargo or colonists, and re-supplying planets, space stations or other ships.

Primary Role: Lots of power; large crew complement provides quick repairs and boarding party tactics. Special: Large Warp Core (power bonus); large cargo space (inventory); bonus to power in all systems; more weapon slots than Science vessels or Escorts. It is advisable to get at least 1 if not 2 EPS power regulators though, as having several beam weapons fire at once will quickly drain alot of power.


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