Star Trek Online Wiki

The following is a set of Frequently Asked Questions or a FAQ.

Q: What is Star Trek Online?
A: Star Trek Online is an MMOG from Cryptic Studios set in the Star Trek Universe.

Q: What is a MMOG?

A: An MMOG is a Massive Multiplayer Online Game. These are usually MMORPGs Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games. Star Trek Online contains many elements from the Role Playing Game genre, but it also includes elements like first person shooter content while on away missions. It is one of the top Free to Play MMO's available.

Q: What era is the game set in?

A: Star Trek Online takes place 30 years after Star Trek Nemesis, as a time of unprecedented peace in the galaxy suddenly comes to a close.

Q: Will I be able to command my own ship?

A: Yes, all players will be able to command a personal ship on which they are always the captain.

Q: What ships will I be able to choose from?

A: Cryptic has the rights to content from all five Star Trek series, so players will be able to select and customize ships from any era. Players can choose just about any ship from the series.

Ships included so far feature from the following races: Federation, Andorian, Caitian, Klingon, Cardassian, Elachi, Tholian, Breen, and Romulan.

Q: What races will I be able to play?

A: Players using the Federation Faction will able to choose from the following races: Andorian, Bajoran, Betazoid, Bolian, Ferengi, Human, Klingon, Saurian, Tellarite, Trill, and Vulcan.

Those players using the Klingon Faction will be able to choose from the following: Gorn, Klingon, Lethan, Nausicaan, and Orion.

Joined Trill can be played by either faction, provided the user bought the Digital download from retailers like Steam or Direct2Drive.

Liberated Borg characters are available to either faction, but only to players who purchased a Lifetime Subscription prior to February 2, 2010.

Following the May 2013 Legacy of Romulus upgrade, the Romulan faction is now available to play and features the playable specias of Romulan, Reman and Alian.