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STO fed Ushaan escort.jpg
Ship specifics
Class Escort (2nd tier ship)
Faction Federation
Minimum Rank Lt. Commander
Crew Compliment 50
Turn Rate 16
Impulse Modifier 0.20
Device Slots 2
Weapons 3 Fore, 1 Aft
Bridge officer stations 1 Ensign Engineering; 1 Ensign Science; 1 Lieutenant Tactical; 1 Ensign Tactical
Console Upgrades 1 Engineering, 1 Science, 2 Tactical
Value 20,550 Energy.jpg
Information based on version ST.0.20100123a.10

The Ushaan class Escort entered Starfleet service in the late 24th century. As with her sister ships the Saber and Rapier, the Ushaan was named after an ancient bladed weapon, specifically the Andorian Ushaan-tor, and this has influenced the design of her primary hull.


The Ushaan and her sister ships, the Saber and Rapier, are the Escort class ships available in the 2nd tier. Like most Escorts, the Ushaan has excellent manoeuvrability and impulse speed, and has the ability to mount cannons, heavy weapons that are limited in firing arc, but boast incredible firepower. The trade-off is, the Ushaan has a comparatively fragile hull compared to the Science Vessels and Cruisers in the same tier. Additionally, the Ushaan's small crew complement means that the ship will take a longer time to recover from damage that it has sustained.