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For the Planet, see Vulcan (Planet).
Vulcan Required Traits
Trait Logical.png Logical
+30% Psionic, Confuse and Placate Resistance
Trait Physical Strength.png Physical Strength
+10% Melee Damage
Plus two additional traits.

a typical Vulcan

In Game Description

Known for their logical minds and stoicism, Vulcans were once a violent and emotional race who waged war against one another for centuries. The violence threatened the survival of their species until, inspired by the example of the philosopher Surak, the Vulcans rejected emotion and vowed to follow an ethical system based on pure logic. Vulcans are recognized by their arched eyebrows and pointed ears, and most have dark brown or black hair. Vulcan blood is copper based, which can give Vulcan skin a greenish hue.

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